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Trial results for Shamrock Farms, AZ 10,000-cow double pit milking parlor

5,000 cows each side
Same great management team,
first-rate facility...and heavy
Arizona Fall monsoon rainstorms.

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No Formaldehyde or Copper!

USDA-WSDA Organic approved formula, sustainable technology that treats your workers, cows, fields with dignity!

After the first spray the KattleGuard zinc-based Organic chemistry forms a thick scab over the wounds that greatly reduces pain and begins the healing process. Formaldehyde does not cause scab formation. Wounds remain open and are painful as the hoof structure tissue is mummified. Each treatment causes pain to the animal. Therefore cows hesitate to walk through these baths or you see animals that don’t want to put certain hooves into it.

Causes No Pain and Non-Toxic!

Poses no liability for your farm workers with exposure limit lawsuits, or the pain inflicted to animals through normal use or overdose situations of formaldehyde.

In every head-to-head competition, KattleGuard has won hands-down as a cost-effective sustainable alternative to formaldehyde/copper.
The reason for this is KattleGuard is not only a great antibacterial product, but zinc has the ability to be absorbed by the skin and levels in hoof area rise, killing bacteria deep in the skin while boosting the immune system and speed of healing.
—University of Birmingham. B15 2TT, U.K.

Great Source of Zinc!

KattleGuard is a great fertilizer. Its zinc improves the health and growth rate of your crops, also zinc naturally tied to sugars in plants provide optimal uptake of this nutrient when fed to your cows. The KattleGuard system was carefully engineered to yield the best hoof care results while not causing toxic issues, cancer, pain, corrosion, soil loading, or interfere with lagoon bacteria or methane generation.