Innovative Solutions, Exponential Results

Since 2000, Dairy Solutions Inc. has focused on solving the problems facing dairy farms and dairy farmers.

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Dairy Solutions, Inc.

The company was formed by agriculture company executives with a mission to develop products and services that address the issues that cause animal stress, resulting in higher costs and lower profits. We also make a strong commitment to animal safety and protecting the environment. We believe that relieving stress and protecting dairy cows with innovative products makes them more productive – resulting in more profitable farms. In addition, it’s key that our products have a low impact on the environment. We accomplish this by reducing waste and runoff, so chemicals and toxins don’t get into the soil and affect milk quality or animal health. A win-win situation all around. The Dairy Solutions team also knows the financial implications to dairy farmers, which is why our solutions yield higher profits, shorter payback times and a higher return on investment. The KattleGuard Fly Control and Hoof Care systems fall squarely into this objective. With animal health and welfare top of mind, the results have been remarkable. Not only are dairy farms more efficient and productive, farmers’ profits soar and they know their prize a nimals are safe and happy.

Can You Solve It?

To showcase our commitment to “innovative solutions with exponential results” for dairy farmers, take a closer look at our unique corporate logo. The nine dots offer a look at how we constantly push to find innovative solutions by looking at things a little differently and thinking outside the box.

Take the test for yourself. Draw the nine dots of our logo on a sheet of paper. Then without lifting your pencil try to connect all nine dots using only four straight lines.

Dairy Solutions Inc. Logo