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The Power of MicroLayering

Apply it Safely to Your Animals

Unlike pour-ons that penetrate to the skin, KattleGuard has MicroLayering, so the spray mist sticks to the cow's outer coat.

This has two important benefits:

  • Flies hit the pesticide right when they land on the cow, unlike regular pour-ons.
  • MicroLayering slashes the chance for dermal absorption into the cow's blood.

An Environmentally Safer Solution

KattleGuard reduces up to 60% the total amount of chemicals used, for less checcmical released into the environment. KattleGuard treated cows kill flies every day.

Fogger trucks blast chemical spray over large areas and can kill beneficial insects like bees and spiders. They are only effective on the day of spraying.

MicroLayering Kills Flies, Protects Cows

We apply a fine mist to the cow's outer coat, cutting down on chemicals and boosting effectiveness. Flies land on the coat and dies quickly. Little, if any, chemical reaches the skin - leaving the maxmium dose on the hair surface for flies.

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What you don't want to happen

All other applied fly treatments soak down to the skin. They can irritate the cow and increase the risk of "dermal transmission" of chemicals into the bloodstream.

Warning: Engineered for KattleGuard Insecticide only. We are not responsible for damages to cow or milk due to use of thinner insecticide products through our machine.

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Here’s how you benefit...

  • Lower costs - You’ll save money by using just 2/3 of the dosage recommended by many pour-ons.
  • Increased production - No flies means contented cows and more milk from each cow each day!
  • Better conditions - Employees and families alike will be as happy as the cows in this “No-Fly Zone.”
  • Easy to use - Since the system is automatic and motion-activated, there’s no need to remember to turn it on.
  • Safety first - If a cow stalls under the sprayer, it shuts off, controlling waste and not overdosing the animal.

KattleGuard Generates Immediate

Positive Cash Flow!

Here’s how it works:

Flies can cost you up to 8 pounds of milk per cow, per day(average is 2 pounds daily). Reversing a loss like that would put dollars in your pocket! Do your own math below with our Positive Cash Flow Calculator! This is based on $16 milk and 30 days per month.

Lbs. gained/per cow/per day 1 2 3 4* 5*
Milk $$ gained monthly $4.86 $9.73 $14.59 $19.46 $24.32
Minus Cost of KattleGuard $1.20 $1.20 $1.20 $2.00 $2.00
Net Gain Per Cow/Monthly $3.66 $8.53 $13.39 $17.46 $22.32



*With biting fly leg sprayers